The next Grespi/CMS Mental Health Responder Plus, a half-day online course for HR and managers, will take place on Tuesday 8 September. The course will also focus on managing mental health at work during the Covid-19 pandemic, as employees face the challenge of returning to work and businesses aim at progressively reverting to pre-Covid-19 operations.

Grespi has issued advice in response to requests for advice from HR managers on how to manage GP sick notes stating ‘anxiety’, ’stress’ or ‘work-related stress’ related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact in the workplace.

Health Claims Forum

Grespi is pleased to have become an Associate Member of the Health Claims Forum (HCF).

Grespi’s Dr William Badenhorst, with employment law partners Richard Brown and Tracey Marsden from international law firm...

Occupational therapy in mental health is a specialist service that plays a central role in supporting employees who have been suffering from mental health conditions. This new online article illustrates its main features, highlighting how the availability of this form of rehabilitation and treatment should be considered by HR managing mental health situations at work and insurance claims assessors processing mental health claims.

Grespi’s Dr William Badenhorst and Dr Lorenzo Grespi, with employment lawyer Alison Garrow argue that workplace mental health interventions need to be anchored in a coherent framework.

Grespi’s Dr William Badenhorst, together with Alison Garrow and Jennifer Nicol from employment law firm Doyle Clayton presented a one-day workshop on the effective management of me...

Sixty in-house lawyers attended an event hosted by law firm CMS and chaired by Matthew Briggs, Senior Employment Counsel at Google UK.

Chaired by Catherine Taylor, Head of Employment at the law firm CMS, this think tank dealt with workplace culture, mental health and employment law in the age of #MeToo.