Online course on mental health at work

17 August 2020

The next Grespi/CMS Mental Health Responder Plus, a half-day online course for HR and managers, will take place on Tuesday 8 September.

The MHR Plus will provide guidance to HR and managers on how to deal effectively with employees suffering from mental health conditions, whilst navigating the complexities of clinical problems, duty of care, legal expectations, organisational challenges and business pressures.

The upcoming course will also focus on the management of mental health at work during the Covid-19 pandemic, as employees face the challenge of returning to work in the office, and businesses aim at progressively reverting to pre-Covid-19 operations. In addition, in the current climate of economic uncertainty, employees may face stressful situations such as restructure of the workforce and possible redundancies.

The MHR Plus course will be delivered by video link by two Grespi’s consultant psychiatrists who are specialised in occupational mental health (Dr Lorenzo Grespi and Dr William Badenhorst), and two employment law partners from CMS (Richard Brown and Tracey Marsden).

The course fee is £500 +VAT.

Course delegates will also receive:

• ‘Dos and don’ts’ in mental health guide
• Course slides and summaries
• Template occupational mental health policy

Click here for further information about the course.