8 October 2020


HCF webinars on mental health-related claims

Grespi has teamed up with the Health Claims Forum (HCF) to provide a series of webinars on effective management of mental health-related claims. Almost 200 claims assessors took part in the first session on mental health conditions, fitness to work and IME reports today. A second webinar on evidence-based handling of complex claims is scheduled for 22 October.

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Grespi is a one-stop specialist provider of occupational mental health, organisational consultancy and return to work services. Our medically-led clinical team works in tandem with employers, insurers and employment lawyers.

We abide by the GMC’s Good Medical Practice, the gold standard for medical care in the UK.

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Our team will help you make sense of your difficulties and find the best way forward for addressing them.

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Make sure you're on firm ground with mental health at work and stay in charge when handling mental health-related employment issues.

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Access our independent medical expertise for direct insurers and reinsurers for effective, evidence-based assessment of complex claims.

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26 August 2020


Occupational therapy in mental health

Occupational therapy in mental health is a specialist service that plays a central role in supporting employees who have been suffering from mental health conditions. This new online article illustrates its main features, highlighting how the availability of this form of rehabilitation and treatment should be considered by HR managing mental health situations at work and insurance claims assessors processing mental health claims.