Mental Health Responder Plus (MHR+) training


Mental Health Responder Plus (MHR+) training

This training for HR professionals and senior managers covers the promotion of mental health at work and effective management of mental-health-related situations.

Components of the training prepare delegates to:

  • communicate effectively with employees experiencing psychological difficulties and mental health conditions
  • develop skill in applying a systematic and consistent approach to managing mental health-related situations
  • observe, collect information and make initial formulations
  • deal appropriately with psychological aspects of performance management
  • remain in the driving seat on legal implications
  • provide guidance on the initial response to mental health emergencies
  • become a reference point for mental health awareness in the workplace
  • provide up-to-date information on how to access mental health help in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

We set out a framework for a proactive approach to mental health in the workplace. This training explains the components of such a framework – what they consist of and how they should work together cohesively.

Our training is provided in partnership with employment lawyers, offering a unique clinical-legal approach.

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