Training for insurers


Training for insurers

Grespi provides a range of training packages and interventions aimed at helping insurers handle complex mental health-related claims. This includes medico-legal areas such as confidentiality, clarification of diagnostic uncertainties and potentially conflicting professional roles, engagement of claimants and the management of conflicts related to mental health conditions. We work in partnership with legal professionals to ensure that insurers can make informed decisions that are clinically and legally sound.

Our training courses, seminars and workshops enable claim assessors to deal effectively with mental health-related insurance claims and the specific medico-legal considerations that may result from such work.

Areas covered include:

  • Which types of specialist mental health assessment may be most appropriate and why: psychiatric IME, clinical psychology, occupational therapy in mental health?
  • Which questions should be asked in order to obtain relevant, meaningful and useful answers for the management of the claim?
  • How to evaluate a mental health assessment report for insurance purposes?
  • Engaging claimants where there are difficult dynamics
  • Consent, including the withdrawal of consent for reports to be submitted
  • Linking treatment interventions to return to work prospects

Our training combines clinical and legal expertise.

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