Independent medical examination (IME)


Independent medical examination (IME)

In some cases, a psychiatric consultation is carried out for the purpose of supplying an IME report. A report by an independent medical expert may be useful in situations where an insurer, a tribunal, court or official agency to rely on an independent expert opinion about the individual’s mental health. Examples include insurance reports, employment tribunals and compensation claims. The IME report pays particular attention to medico-legal aspects and to the particular queries under consideration. Grespi carries out IME assessments following a written instruction by insurers or solicitors. The instruction should indicate the questions and queries which the Grespi assessor is expected to address and clarify in the IME report.

We carry out IME consultations with the consent of the individual. It is standard practice for Grespi consultants to share the report with the individual for a review of factual accuracy before providing it to the instructing solicitor or organisation.

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