Bespoke training


Bespoke training

Grespi provides training to managers or employees on a range of topics. Courses are tailored to meet the specific priority needs of the organisation. Formats can be lecture-based, case study-based and experiential discussions – delivered as required to small groups (typically eight to ten members) or large groups.

Identified needs may include:

  • healthy lifestyle
  • managing psychological difficulties outside work – such as bringing up children, supporting unwell family members or ageing parents, coping with bereavement
  • managing difficulties at work – such as concerns about quality or quantity of work; calibrating self-criticism and criticism of others; anxieties about relationships with colleagues; ‘impostor syndrome’; motivating/managing difficult groups or individuals; handling difficult conversations; providing meaningful appraisals; managing relationships with clients effectively; making complex career choices; strengthening leadership skills, etc
  • skilling-up HR, managers and key employees to provide a higher level of emotional intelligence and knowledge, as well as awareness of wellbeing and mental health-related factors in the workplace and outside work
  • overseas pre-assignment training for employees and their families
  • facing culturally new or challenging environments
  • dealing with traumatic events

Contact details

For general information, or to arrange a callback from our employers’/insurers’ mental health line within three hours, please get in touch.

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Outside the UK: +44 207 428 0284