An employee is signed off work with ‘stress’

  • An employee signed off work with ‘stress’

Move from vague descriptions to clear clinical opinion

HR receives a GP sickness certificate for Mary stating that she is suffering from ‘stress’, is unfit for work and should be on sick leave for four weeks. The GP does not add any further detail. Mary’s line manager reports that during the past six months she has not been coping well with her usual workload. Her colleagues noticed that May had a few unexpected outbursts of irritation and that she is at times tearful. The line manager has found this difficult to deal with. Informally, the HR professional is aware that Mary’s mother, with whom Mary lives, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about a year ago.

We provide clinical reports which answer the key questions needed to help you meet your duty of care towards employees and remain in the driving seat regarding mental health-related situations.