An employee is abusing alcohol or drugs

  • An employee is abusing alcohol or drugs

Avoid jumping to easy conclusions

It has become a topic of gossip in the company that Simon, the firm’s highest-performing salesman, has been arriving at work late on a regular basis, unshaven and wearing the same clothes as on the previous day. The gossip is that Simon is using cocaine on a regular basis. He is given to mood swings and is at times very ‘high’, talking very fast and working at very high speed. At other times he is snappy and irritable and does not appear to be able to carry out even the most basic tasks. However, he is exceeding his targets and the company has not received any complaints from clients about him so, at the moment, the company’s business does not appear to be suffering. The firm has a policy regarding the use of intoxicants while at work and it might appear that Simon should be disciplined under this policy. But could there be another reason, not linked to substance abuse, for Simon’s behaviour?

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