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With Grespi you are in safe hands

Grespi provides wellbeing, executive coaching and mental health services to individuals.


1 – Wellbeing services

Most psychological difficulties do not necessarily require specialist mental health interventions and they can be minimised by wellbeing programmes.

These programmes work both pre-emptively and remedially, and typically support individuals in managing the stresses of life in and out of work proactively and resiliently; enhance their energy levels; and help them recover after difficult periods.

They include:

  • education and training programmes (*)
  • counselling
  • mindfulness
  • physiotherapy
  • Pilates classes
  • yoga classes

(*) Education and training programmes cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Healthy life-style
  • Managing psychological difficulties outside work – such as bringing up children, supporting unwell family members or ageing parents, coping with bereavement
  • Managing difficulties at work – such as concerns about quality or quantity of work; calibrating self-criticism and criticism of others; anxieties about relationships with colleagues; ‘impostor syndrome’; motivating/managing difficult groups or individuals; handling difficult conversations; making complex career choices, etc.
  • Dealing with traumatic events

Wellbeing services and training programmes are conducted in consulting rooms and facilities in central London.

2 – Executive coaching

Employees holding senior positions at times need executive coaching to help them identify or tackle weaknesses that are holding them back at work, be they confidence issues, poor inter-personal skills or managing their time, tasks or emotions.

Others may be doing well but can accelerate their development with the help of a coach.

Grespi’s Executive Coaches have the depth of psychological insight allied to commercial acumen which they have acquired over many years of coaching training and business experience, to maximise the professional, interpersonal and leadership potential of their clients.

3 – Mental health services

Core features of Grespi’s mental health services include:

  • easy and immediate access to a range of high quality clinicians operating under one roof
  • no need for multiple assessments
  • no referring-on to external clinicians or healthcare agencies
  • efficient links with private healthcare insurers with direct invoicing to insurers

Grespi provides specialist assessment and treatments for a wide range of mental health conditions and psychological problems, including:

  • depression and affective disorders
  • anxiety disorders
  • personality disorders
  • substance misuse/addictive behaviours
  • adjustment disorders, following stressful life events
  • bereavement
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • anxious and depressed mood
  • ‘stress’ due to personal and work pressures
  • difficulties with personal and professional relationships

Grespi’s clinical services include:

  • psychiatric assessments and treatments
  • psychological assessments and treatments
  • psychotherapy
  • cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • counselling
  • occupational therapy in mental health
  • vocational consultancy

Clinical staff

Grespi has a large multi-disciplinary team of 70 specialists  who have been working together for the past 15 years in both the private sector and the NHS. This distinguishes Grespi from private providers that operate as chambers of autonomous practitioners.

Grespi’s team includes:

  • psychiatrists
  • clinical psychologists
  • psychotherapists
  • CBT therapists
  • specialist counsellors
  • occupational therapists in mental health

As Grespi is medically-led, all our clinical services conform to the gold standard of the General Medical Council (GMC).

Grespi’s clinicians work and have worked at consultant level also in the NHS and therefore have in-depth knowledge of the  landscape of mental health services in the private, public and voluntary sectors and are in a unique position to recommend the most effective clinical options.

Grespi is based in London. We also provide specialist mental health assessments and treatments via Skype to individuals who are not based in London, or living abroad.

Our staff also carry out home visits across the UK.

We are a service partner of  International SOS, a worldwide organisation providing medical services to 80% of FTSE 100 companies.

How does it work?

As a first step, you may want to briefly discuss on the telephone your difficulties with Grespi’s Clinical Coordinator.

When required, the Clinical Coordinator then arranges a face-to-face assessment consultation with the appropriate Grespi’s clinical specialist – medical or non-medical as appropriate.

The assessment consultation lasts 1.5-2 hours and is followed by a brief report that will include recommendations on remedial steps.

A GP referral is not necessary. However, in keeping with General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines it is advisable that Grespi’s clinicians should inform your GP about their clinical findings, with your written consent.



Clinical fees applied by Grespi to self-funded assessments and treatments vary according to the clinical services provided.

The fee for a psychiatric assessment consultation varies between £320.00 and £220.00 depending on the duration of the meeting.

The fee for a non-medical assessment consultation varies between £280.00 and £200.00 depending on the duration of the meeting.

Should a clinical report be required, an additional fee will be charged, which will vary according to the nature, length and purpose of the report.

Grespi’s fees for ongoing individual psychological treatments vary according to the weekly frequency and duration of treatments.

As a reference point however, the minimum fee applied to self-funded once weekly sessions of the duration of 50 minutes is £95.00 per session.

Grespi eserves the right to adjust fees according to the type and frequency of treatments, as well as on the basis of other case-by-case circumstances.

Grespi always provides clear information about fees before services are provided.

Private healthcare insurance funding

Grespi’s clinicians are approved by all major private healthcare insurers including BUPA, BUPA International, AxaPPP, CIGNA, Allianz and many others.

Private healthcare insurance holders should contact their insurers and request an Authorisation Number for their assessment consultation with the Grespi’s insurance-approved clinician prior to the appointment.

Should further treatment be required, private healthcare insurance holders should request a further Authorisation Number from their insurers, as based on the clinical treatment recommendation provided by their Grespi’s clinician.

It is normal practice for Grespi to invoice directly private healthcare insurers.

Key contact:

Ms Jan McKenzie, psychotherapist and clinical coordinator


  • 0845 601 6036