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Grespi provides a range of wellbeing, occupational mental health and general practitioner (GP) services for employers and employees. These are both remedial (typically clinically-based) and pre-emptive (typically wellbeing) services.

Grespi also provides organisational consultancy to enable corporate clients to adopt a comprehensive framework for occupational mental health, which is covered by 3 core documents: the Wellbeing and Mental Health Plan, the Wellbeing and Occupational Mental Health Policy and the Guidelines for Commissioning Wellbeing and Mental Health Services. Grespi provides these documents to corporate clients.

Grespi is medically-led. The Medical Directors have the overarching duty to ensure that all services delivered by Grespi meet the ‘gold-standards’ prescribed by the General Medical Council (GMC) for any health-related intervention. By relying on services provided by Grespi, employers are therefore able to demonstrate that they have fulfilled their duty of care for their employees’ occupational mental health in accordance with best practice.

As the current landscape of private service providers in the fields of wellbeing and mental health varies significantly in terms of quality standards, professional accountability and clinical governance, Grespi has developed a Wellbeing and Mental Health Service Providers Checklist which employers may want to consider using when commissioning these services. This approach is crucial not only in terms of the benefits to employees and employers, but also in order to preempt the possibility that employers may be challenged by employees about their duty of care and due diligence when commissioning service providers.

Grespi provides its services (except GP services) on a ‘pay-as-you-use’ basis, guaranteeing in this way a higher quality service at lower cost, in contrast to ‘fee-per-employee’ service models which require employers to pay upfront for large numbers of employees, whether or not they use the services. GP services are provided on a half-day basis.

As it can be difficult for HR and managers to orientate themselves on mental health problems and what can be done about it, Grespi has developed a useful mental health protocol which summarises the most common psychological difficulties that affect the workforce, combined with general suggestions on what might be the most appropriate, efficient and cost-effective course of action.

Triage and assessment

Grespi therefore places the highest priority on the triage and assessment of presenting problems. The triage and assessment take place at the outset of any assignment and is carried out by a Grespi’s senior consultant. This process always starts with a telephone consultation with HR, which may be followed, as appropriate, by a face-to-face assessment for the employee concerned and a report that includes a formulation of the problem(s) and recommendations as to any action required.

Free initial telephone consultation

Grespi recognises that HR needs the confidence to act on concerns appropriately and quickly. On the other hand, HR and managers may feel deterred from doing so by fears that they may be over-reacting or that some individuals may respond negatively. In the course of the free initial telephone consultation HR and  managers discuss their concerns with a senior Grespi consultant and consider what steps, if any, should be taken next. Typically these initial calls last 20 minutes. If it is then determined that an employee should be referred for an assessment consultation, Grespi will offer a first appointment with a Grespi’s specialist within 5 working days.

Occupational mental health assessment

In those instances when it is important to establish whether an employee is mentally fit to continue working, return to work or attend return-to-work meetings after a period on sick leave, a Grespi’s mental health medical specialist can offer an occupational mental health assessment. After the consultation the Grespi’s medical consultant prepares a comprehensive occupational mental health report which provides a medico-legally sound picture of the situation, clarify the likely nature, sources and dynamics of the presenting problems, and make well thought-out  recommendations as to how to address them.

Consultation service for HR

HR and relevant managers may require specialist clinical and organisational advice when dealing with complex situations, whether related to interpersonal or psychological difficulties of an individual or a group of employees, or dysfunctional dynamics in the workplace. For this purpose Grespi offers a telephone/Skype consultation service which typically involves discussions between a Grespi consultant and senior HR and/or departmental directors lasting approximately 1.0-1.5 hours.

General mental health assessments

Some employees may require general psychiatric or psychological assessments for the purpose of gaining a clearer understanding of their mental health difficulties and advice on treatment recommendations. As a first step, the employee concerned briefly discusses on the telephone the nature of their difficulties with Grespi’s Clinical Coordinator, who then arranges, if required, a face-to-face assessment consultation with the appropriate Grespi clinical specialist. The assessment consultation lasts 1.5-2 hours and is followed by a brief report that will include recommendations on remedial steps. A GP referral is not necessary. However, in keeping with General Medical Council (GMC) guidelines it is advisable that Grespi clinicians should inform the employee’s GP about their clinical findings, with the employee’s written consent. When appropriate – and again with the written consent of the employee concerned – a brief feedback is provided to the employer, which will specifically focus on the workplace implications of the diagnosed condition.

Screening services


The recruitment of new staff at times presents HR with serious challenges, such as when spotting potential psychological problems in applicants or facing the question whether candidates to executive positions will be mentally able to cope with high levels of responsibility and pressure.

Grespi provides recruitment screening assistance in the form of:

  • Training workshops for HR on the screening of psychological health  in written applications and face-to-face interviews
  • Consultation service on the recruitment and/or promotion of specific individuals to positions at higher mental health risk

Assignments to challenging locations

Employees working for international organisations may be required to operate in environments and geographical locations that present particular challenges to their wellbeing and mental health, such as a permanent re-location or a fixed-term assignment overseas. Grespi offers pre-assignment psychological and physical health screening  for employees in order to endorse their suitability for the proposed role. Screening assessments are delivered by Grespi’s consultants  at various locations in London or via Skype. Screening consultations take approximately 1.0-1.5hrs and can be provided only to the employee or also to his/her family. The Grespi consultant will prepare a report for the employer with the written consent of the employee concerned (and his/her family), who will also receive a copy of the report.

Grespi also provides pre-assignment seminars on well-being and mental health for employees (and their families), focusing on how to address the challenges of living in foreign environments.

Grespi offers also  remote specialist mental health assistance via Skype to employees (and their families) during their assignments overseas. Grespi’s capability for providing international support is underscored by its selection as an approved partner of International SOS, a medical organisation providing worldwide medical services to 80% of FTSE 100 Companies. Grespi also offers follow-up in-location screening consultations via Skype, typically on an annual or bi-annual basis, which include a brief mental health report for employers, with the written consent of employees.

Remedial services

Grespi’s approach is needs-led and objective-driven. It provides the appropriate remedy to presenting problems from a wide range of in-house services – from psychological and physical well-being to coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), counselling, specialist psychological and psychiatric help.

Grespi operates as a medically-led, multi-disciplinary team of 70 practitioners, covering relevant disciplines, including:

  • Psychiatry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Specialist Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Occupational Therapy in Mental Health
  • Executive Coaching (*)
  • Organisational Consultancy (**)

Sessions are typically delivered at Grespi’s practitioners’ consulting rooms but can be delivered on site or, when appropriate or applicable, over Skype.

(*) Executive coaching: some employees need independent support to help them identify and/or tackle weaknesses that are holding them back at work, be they confidence issues, poor inter-personal skills or managing their time, tasks or emotions. Others are doing well but can accelerate their development with the help of a coach. Grespi’s Executive Coaches have the depth of psychological insight allied to commercial acumen which they have acquired over many years of coaching training and business experience, to maximise the professional, interpersonal and leadership potential of their clients.

(**) Organisational consultancy: at times dysfunctional dynamics arise from organisational restructuring and change; organisational culture; the inter-play of different personalities in particular roles; or the impact on the organisation of external circumstances. In  similar scenarios Grespi’s organisational consultants have the professional experience, qualification and training to identify the nature of the impasse and recommend how to resolve it. Typically, this process involves one or more detailed consultations with key people lasting 1.0-1.5 hours, followed by a detailed report that includes the description of core dynamics; perpetuating factors; problem(s) formulation; remedial options and process; and framework for review.

Wellbeing services

Most difficulties experienced by employees do not require specialist mental health interventions and can be minimised by well-being programmes tailored to the needs of the organisation and its employees. These programmes work both pre-emptively and remedially, and typically support employees in managing the stresses of life in and out of work proactively and resiliently; enhance their energy levels; help them recover after difficult periods or absence; and strengthen their capacity to embrace the culture and values of the organisation.

Grespi designs and delivers holistic well-being programmes which complement the organisation’s Occupational Mental Health & Well-being Policy, including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Education and training (*)
  • HR support (**)

(*) Education and training: Grespi provides training across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Healthy life-style
  • Managing psychological difficulties outside work – such as bringing up children, supporting unwell family members or ageing parents, coping with bereavement
  • Managing difficulties at work – such as concerns about quality or quantity of work; calibrating self-criticism and criticism of others; anxieties about relationships with colleagues; ‘impostor syndrome’; motivating/managing difficult groups or individuals; handling difficult conversations; providing meaningful appraisals; managing effectively relationships with clients; making complex career choices; strengthening leadership skills, etc.
  • Skilling-up HR, managers and key employees to provide a higher level of emotional intelligence and knowledge, as well as awareness of well-being and mental health-related factors in the workplace and outside work
  • Overseas pre-assignment training for employees and their families
  • Facing culturally new or challenging environments
  • Dealing with traumatic events

For maximum effect, these courses are tailored to meet the specific priority needs of the organisation. Formats can be lecture-based, case study-based and experiential discussions – delivered as required to small groups (typically 8-10 members) or large groups.

(**) HR support: HR professionals are on the front-line of some challenging personal situations, and it is therefore important that they could access help that is specifically designed to support them in their role. Grespi therefore offers a consultant-facilitated case-discussion service for HR professionals which enables them to receive support and share insights with each other. The service is typically provided in a 1-1.5-hour Balint Group format, held on site. Balint Group are conducted by consultants specifically trained in this well-established approach, which aims at helping group members to work more effectively in their professional roles.

General Practitioner services

Grespi provides high-quality, accessible, responsive and flexible in-house GP services that combine a general medical practice approach with occupational health perspectives. Therefore, in addition to general surgery work, Grespi’s GPs can provide initial occupational health assessments, with no need for time-consuming and costly referrals to third party occupational health clinicians for initial occupational health assessment consultations.

The direct link between Grespi’s GP and mental health specialists also allows for the thorough triage and clinical management of mental health-related complaints, which on average amount to 60% of self-referrals to GP practices. Most importantly, the combined professional experience of Grespi’s GP and Grespi’s psychiatric specialists is able to address effectively the prevailing tendency to diagnose/over-diagnose psychological difficulties in an undifferentiated way as ‘stress’.

The joint work of Grespi’s GP and Medical Directors ensures that specialist occupational health consultations and reports provided by third party specialists are delivered promptly and adequately address the occupational health questions raised by the referring GP.

Another key benefit of Grespi’s GP services is that a named GP provides in-house services for the same corporate client, in contrast to the tendency of providers to employ a rotating group of GPs for the same in-house position, resulting in inconsistent performance and fragmented relationships between multiple GPs and employees and the client organisation.

In addition, through the ongoing audit of in-house referrals to Grespi’s GPs, Grespi is able to feedback to the employer developing general trends and issues that may require remedial action at an organisational level.

GP services are provided in blocks of 4 hours (amounting to half a day per week), with a minimum commissioning of one block per week. This includes weekly general practice surgeries; initial occupational health assessments as required; and remote medical admin support.

Key contact:

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