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With Grespi you are in safe hands

Grespi provides training programmes and organisational consultancy for the voluntary sector.

Training programmes

In our programmes we adopt a ‘hands-on’ approach, providing the tools to front line staff to work effectively with their clients.

Training topics include:

      • Working with hoarders
      • Dealing with aggression
      • Crisis management: dealing with self-harming and suicidal clients
      • Managing personality disorders
      • Psychiatric co-morbidity in substance misuse: the management of dual diagnosis clients.
      • Promoting active treatment concordance in patients with chronic physical health problems, including the management of the misuse of medication
      • Managing volunteers: psychological and organisational considerations

Our programmes are bespoke and adjusted to the specific circumstances and needs of each organisation.

The main programme format consists of lectures delivered by one of our consultant psychiatrists at the beginning and end of the training period and workshops in small groups facilitated by members of our multi-disciplinary team of mental health professionals.

A programme usually takes place over four half-day sessions in a four week period.

A range of delivery configurations can however be arranged.

We offer our programmes either on the premises of the commissioning organisations or at other venues, as required.

Organisational consultancy

We are keenly aware that for organisations in the voluntary sector a reputation as a trustworthy provider is essential to fundraising activities, and that maintaining this reputation is a complex task.

Core factors in this process are sound clinical and corporate governance, and a proven ability to implement policies and procedures in the daily performance of the organisation.

With this in mind, we provide clinical governance audit and organisational consultations:

Clinical governance audit

The audit involves a detailed review of whether existing policies and procedures on various aspects of the clinical work offered by the organisation are in keeping with the requirements of Good Practice and Good Medical Practice, as well as in keeping with the benchmarks set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for services such the NHS.

The clinical governance audit process also reviews if and how evidence of the implementation of appropriate clinical governance policies and procedures is demonstrable to third parties. Suggestions are made to the commissioning organisation about policies and procedures that may need adding, clarifying or amending.

A clinical governance process usually requires 10-15 hours of work by one of our specialists, and it takes place over a period of two to three weeks.

Audits are carried out by one of the consultant psychiatrists of Grespi, who are expert in clinical governance and experienced with CQC-led inspections and expectations.

Organisational consultations

We provide this service to voluntary sector organisations that require help with the management of organisational change, such as mergers and restructuring, or over dysfunctional organisational dynamics, unclear roles, tasks and boundaries at different levels within the organisation.

Staff providing this service are organisational consultants with additional qualifications as consultant psychiatrists, psychotherapists and social workers.

Key contact:

Ms Jan McKenzie, psychotherapist and clinical coordinator


  • 0845 601 6036