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With Grespi you are in safe hands

Being a student can be exciting and rewarding, but also difficult.

It is very common for students to experience stress and sometimes you may struggle to cope; or perhaps feel that you are not quite in control of how you think or feel.

If this happens, do not ignore your difficulties, nor assume that it is only down to you to deal with them on your own.

It is instead a good idea to speak to someone who can help.

Things to look out for:

      • changes in behaviour that seem out of character
      • disrupted sleep pattern: for example sleeping too much or too little
      • significant weight loss or gain
      • self-isolation
      • avoiding things more and more
      • feeling out of control or overwhelmed
      • having distressing or confusing thoughts
      • using alcohol or drinking more than usual
      • using drugs or escalating drug use

Who to contact for help?

For mental health emergencies, such as when you are at risk of harming yourself or others, the local accident and emergency department (A&E) is the right port of call.

Instead, if there is no immediate risk, you can speak to your General Practitioner (GP) who can refer you to  mental health services.

In the private sector you should consider contacting Grespi either through your GP or directly.

At Grespi we have mental health specialists headed up by medical consultants that can help you: psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and occupational therapists.

At Grespi we are well aware that parents and educational establishments must be confident that their children and students are in the safe hands of mental health specialists when they run into difficulties with their psychological health.

Grespi therefore offers advice, support and guidance to parents, teachers and educational establishments.

The mental health clinicians of Grespi are approved by all major private health insurers including BUPA, AxaPPP, CIGNA, Pru Health, Aviva and many others.

In addition, Grespi is an approved provider of International SOS, a worldwide organisation providing medical services to 80% of FTSE 100 companies.

The direct link between Grespi and International SOS is particularly relevant to overseas students undertaking academic courses in the United Kingdom.

The clinicians of Grespi are primarily based in London but provide services also to students living outside London or abroad.

Our mental health specialists are also trained to carry out psychiatric and psychological assessments and treatments remotely via Skype.

Key contact:

Ms Jan McKenzie, psychotherapist and clinical coordinator


  • 0845 601 6036