How We Use Cookies

Our website, like many others, stores and retrieves information on your browser using cookies. This information is used to make the site work as you expect it to.  It is not personally identifiable to you, but it can be used to give you a more personalised web experience.

You can find out more about cookies at Cookiepedia – all about cookies.

List of Cookies used on this site:

    To store a simple message when a form is submitted that can be displayed on a different page.For example, if an enquiry form is completed incorrectly, a message will be stored and presented to the user to indicate the errors in the submission.When an enquiry form is submitted successfully, a message is stored and presented to the user thanking them for their enquiry.No personal information is stored in this cookie.
  • _ga
  • _gat
  • cookie_audit
    Helps us detect if you accepted the cookies policy.