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With Grespi you are in safe hands

Grespi has a large team of 70 mental health specialists and organisational consultants with higher qualifications and many years’ experience in a range of disciplines, including:

  • psychiatry
  • clinical psychology
  • psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • counselling
  • occupational therapy in mental health
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • executive coaching
  • organisational consultancy

Our clinicians also work or have worked in the NHS at senior level. Therefore, having in-depth knowledge of the public, private and voluntary sectors of mental healthcare, they are ble to make clear, well thought-out, cost-effective recommendations on treatment pathways across the healthcare spectrum.

Grespi’s clinicians are approved by all major private healthcare insurers, including BUPA, AxaPPP, Pru Health, CIGNA, Aviva and others. Therefore, clinical treatments required by employees who hold private healthcare insurance are likely to be covered by their policies, depending upon the specific terms of each policy.

Grespi’s clinicians provide services from numerous consulting rooms based in and around central London.

They also carry out office and home-based consultations across the UK.

Grespi’s specialists also offer clinical treatments and vocational rehabilitation services via Skype  to patients not based in London, or living elsewhere in the UK or abroad.

Grespi’s organisational consultants usually meet with clients at their premises for organisational consultancy and executive coaching.

Grespi’s clinicians and organisational consultants provide seminars and training packages to HR and managers of corporate organisations and insurance claims assessors.

Key people:

Key contact:

Ms Jan McKenzie, psychotherapist and clinical coordinator


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